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    诚为径教育网给同学们整理的2021年湖北专升本考试英语真题, 考生可先详细看一下,诚为径教育网在此预祝考生能取得优异成绩。

1. I was so________the night before my examination that I could not sleep.

A. worrying

B. tired

C. happy

D. nervous

2. Whether you learn or not is entirely ________ you.

A. up to

B. as to

C. about to

D. due to

3. I finally________ to study much harder in the future.

A. prepared

B. made up my mind

C. worked out

D. made out

4. The old couple decided to________ a boy though they had three of their own.

A. adapt

B. bring

C. receive

D. adopt

5. The population of the world is growing at a dangerous________.

A. pace

B. measure

C. progress

D. rate

6. Alice trusts you; only you can________ her to give up the foolish idea.

A. suggest

B. attract

C. tempt

D. persuade

7. When Mary paid the bill she was given a ________ for her money.

A. cheque

B. receipt

C. ticket

D. label

8. You must walk slowly if you want the children to________you.

A. put up with

B. come up with

C. keep up with

D. go on with

9. Little John caught a ________fish this morning.

A. alive

B. alone

C. lonely

D. living

10. I took the medicine, but it didn’t have any________ on me.

A. effect

B. relation

C. touch

D. affect

11. The age of the students in this class________ from eighteen to twenty.

A. changes

B. ranges

C. alters

D. limits

12. He ________ a knowledge of this language by careful study.

A. acquired

B. required

C. inquired

D. requested

13. We develop trade with that company for our shared________.

A. honour

B. reward

C. benefit

D. prize

14. If you take this medicine twice a day, it should ________ your cold.

A. heal

B. cure

C. treat

D. recover

15. Her face is_________ to me, but I can’t remember where I saw her.

A. similar

B. friendly

C. alike

D. familiar

16. You’ll have to book the tickets for the holiday in_________.

A. front

B. advance

C. ahead

D. forward

17. Children who are overprotected by their parents may become_________.

A. hurt

B. spoiled

C. damaged

D. harmed

18. Kids are very curious_________.

A. at heart

B. in person

C. by nature

D. on purpose

19. Your brother is very tall. What is his exact________?

A. size

B. length

C. height

D. breadth

20. Many new ____ will be opened up in the future for those with a university education.

A)opportunities B) necessities

C) realities D) probabilities

21. The rain was heavy and _____ the land was flooded.

A. consequently B. continuously

C. constantly

D. consistently

22. I couldn't find _____, and so I took this one.

A a large enough coat

C a large coat enough

B an enough large coat

D a coat enough large

23. Mr. Smith is too busy to spare any time, _____ Sunday afternoon.

A. only in

B. except for

C. unless on

D. except on

24. ______ a young woman, the office was empty.

A. But for

B. Except for

C. Besides

D. Except

25. His son is quite well now, ______a slight fever.

A. except

B. besides

C. in addition to

D. except for

26. It was almost dark in the street ______ a few very powerful spotlights.

A. excluding

B. except for

C. except

D. but for

27. The population of the world is growing at a dangerous _______.

A. step

B. measure

C. rate

D. progress

(pace n.步速 measure n.措施

progress n.进步

rate n.速度,率,比率)

28. I am _____ of what he is going to do.

A. avoid

B. composed

C. ignorant

D. cautious


29. The color ____ from yellow though green to black.

A. ranges

B. constitutes

C. composes

D. consists

30. I tried to catch the ball but it was _____ my reach.

A. beyond

B. besides

C. in addition to

D. as well as

31. Those scientists were conducting an experiment and expected a good ______.

A. effect

B. result

C. consequence

D. affect

32. What they have done for us can’t be measured in ______ of money.

A. way

B. means

C. terms



33. I was surprised to find his article on such an ____ topic so ______.

A. excited; boring

B. exciting; boring

C. excited; bored

D. exciting; bored

34. You can speak ______ in front of George, but you can’t eat ____ in his restaurant.

A. freely; free

B. free; freely

C. free; free

D. freely; freely

35. His speech was so interesting that is was constantly ______ by applause.

A. interfered

B. interrupted

C. troubled

D. disturbed

36. He has planed to ______ some money every month so that he can buy a house in the future.

A. set aside

B. set up

C. set in

D. set along

37. The speaker doesn’t know how to ____ his arguments.

A. put aside

B. put away

C. put across

D. put down

38. There is no _______ medicines for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome.

A. effect

B. effective

C. efficient

D. efficacy


39.They are _______ to arrive in time owing to the heavy snowstorm.

A. impossible

B. unlikely

C. unseemly

D. probably

40. They made every effort to _______ the costs of the construction project.

A. bring off

B. bring down

C. bring back

D. bring up

41. The violinist who had been praised very highly _________ to be a great disappointment.

A. turned up

B. turned out

C. turned in

D. turned over

42. A lot of new difficulties _____ when the tax system came into existence.

A. raised

B. aroused

C. arose

D. rose

43. The applicant felt ______ and uncomfortable when he couldn’t answer the interviewer’s questions.

A. amused

B. ease

C. awkward

D. alone

44. We should value the rich legacy of literature which the old generation has _____ to us.

A. handed out

B. handed over

C. handed in

D. handed down

45. The news came as a shocking blow that the young man had ____ suicide.

A. acted

B. committed

C. performed

D. made

46. She was so _____ in the computer games that she forgot to have class.

A. attracted

B. concentrated

C. involved

D. drawn

47. There is no ______ arguing about it, just do as you are told.

A. reason

B. way

C. point

D. meaning


48. We plan to increase the output of the machine _______ 7.4 percent this year.

A. at

B. in

C. by

D. with

49. Henry looked very much _______ when he was caught cheating in the exam.

A. discouraged

B. embarrassed

C. disappointed

D. pleased

50. We are interested in the weather because it _____ us so directly.

A. benefits

B. affects

C. guides

D. effects







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