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41. These explorations help to information necessary to understand the water cycle in mountains.

A. gather

B. receive :

C. accept

D. select

42. The manager will receive a health insurance plan wort; S6.000, the salary $20,000.

A. in contrast to

B. in terms o

C. in addition to

D. in cascof

43. Mary felt as her first mecting wilNTon had gone smpouhly.

A. relieved

B. released

C. relaxing

D. refreshing

44. All research members made great efforts together and finally solutions to each


A. put up with

B. came up with

C. kept up with

D. caught up with

45. Students are sure to benefit from the programs to their critical thinking skills.

A. threaten

Bawaken .

C. weaken

D. strengthen

46. Unless you plan ahead and save , it will be difficult to achieve your financial goals.

A. probably

B. thoroughly

C. regularly

D. eventually

47. His paintings have been in art galleries all over the world.

A. exposed

B. exhibited

C. revealed .

D. demonstrated

48. Six miners, the accident but they cannot recall what happened in detail.

A. searched

B. confronted

C. abandoned

D. survived

49. The impacts will be really if we continue using water at the same rate as we do now.

A. severe

B. tense

C. rude .

D. tough

50. The date on the card lets the manufacturer know w hen the warranty will ,orcometoan end.

A. inquire

B. aspire

C. expire

D. acquire

51. The child should be punished; you shouldn't let him telling lies!

A. do away with

B. run away with

C. get rid of

D. get away with

52. Everyone would go into the hall for a meeting and then we'd go to our. classes.

A. respective

B. respectful

C. respected

D. respectable

53. I was very nervous during the ; I'm afraid they'll give the job to someone else.

A. review

B. interview

C. appointment

D. date

54. Some shops may offeryoua (n) if you buy display items.

A. account

B. subtraction

C. discount

D. addition

55. There are still some unknown of wild animals in the South American rain forests.

A. races

B. types

C. species

D. sorts ;

56. What telephone number should you call if you. a serious car crash?

A. glimpse

B. peer

C. observe

D. witness

57. Frequently, conflicts, simply for lackof commupication and mutual understanding.

A. raise :

C. arise

D. arouse

58. Read the paper . you'll know more about the latest development in biotechnology.

A. if

B. or


D. and

59. Though the old house is not worth imuch, my grandparents are emotionally attached

A. by


C. with

D. for

60. The flights to that country have been can celled duc to circumstances

our control.

A. beyond

B. without

C. with

D. under

PartllI Cloze (共20小题,每小题1分,共20分) .

Directions: There are 20 blanks in the follow ing passage. For each blank there are 4 choices marked A, B, C and D. You should choose the ONE that best completcs the passage. Then mark your answer by blackening the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.

No two people act, think, or feel the same way___ 61_ makes you unique is mainly a result of heredity (遗传) , family, roles, culture, etc. Heredity is the passing. 62___ of traits, or characteristics and qualties, from parents to their children. Some of these traits are 63_, such as your cye color, your facial features, and your body build. Heredity also can play a part in your intelligence.

Your family is one of the 64 influences on the person you are 65_ . Are you an only child, the oldest child, the. 66 child, or a middle child? What activities do you do with___ 67 members? These questions suggest some of the ways you are___ 68 by your


The roles you have determine how you relate 69_ other people and how you act in various 70_ . A role is your position in a group or situation. You 71 many roles.

You may be a daughter or a son at home, or a student at school. Your roles 72, depending on the people with w hom you 73 and the situations involved. You learn your roles___ 74 talking to and watching people who are important to you.

Your _7: also influences who you are. Ways of thinking, acting, dressing, and speaking 76 by a group of people is called culture. Cultures may be 77_ on the ethnic group, gcographic location, or social class. Culture ofien 78 . certain traditions people follow. You may nc 79_ think about your culture until you meet someone who speaks_ 80 language, enjoys different foods, or celebrates different holidays from yours.

61. A. ThatB.It .C. WhichD. What

62. A. overB. outC. onD. up

63. A. physicalB. mentalC. intllctualD. emotional

64. A. heaviestB. strongestC. slightest.D. weakest

65. A. becomingB. believingC. changingD. belonging

66. A. smallestB. shortestC. youngestD.tmniest

67. A. team .B. groupC.orD. family

68. A. influencedB. producedCdemandcaD. recommended

69.A. onB. inD. for

70. A. emotionsB. locationsC situationsD. functions

71. A. makeB. createCexpectD. have

72. A. varyB. remainC.holdD. improve

73. A. enjoyB. joinC. intcractD. react

74. A. ofB. byC. upD. at

75. A. cultureB. heredityC. familyD. role

76. A. sharedB. rejectedC. criticizedD. needed

77. A. fixedB. placedC. basedD. focused

78. A. identifiesB. givesC. offersD. determines

79. A. alreadyB. evenC. stillD. always

80. A. anotherB. otherC. moreD. strange

Part IV Translation (共35分)

SectionA (共5小题,每小题4分,共20分)

Directions: Translate the following sentences into Chinese. You may refer to the corresponding passages in Part 1.

81. Salt helps muscles work, and it aids in digesting food.

82. With good time management, a schedule is cleverly organized and then strictly followed, so tasks get donc as planned.

83. From Harry Potter to Matilda, some of the world's most beloved characters come from works of fiction.

84. A good non-fiction book can be just as exciting and emotional as a novel.

85. It will be "environmentally disastrous" if there isn't a strategy for dealing with the batteries.

Section B (共5小题,每小题3分,共15分)

Directions: Translate the follow ing sentences into English.






Part V Writing (15 分)

Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to w rite an essay with the title My View on Bulk Buying at Shopping Festivals. You are required to write at least 120 words, follow ing the outine given below:




My View on Bulk Buying at Shopping Festivals







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