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41. Some African countries have taken measuires tpsolve the electricity problem, but it may be some time the situation gets improved.

A. since B. when C. unless D. before

42. I am in a meeting at the moment. Would you please call me,

A. latter B. later C. last D. latest

43. Over 70 per cent Chinese businesses have adopted. working arrangements, giving rise to at least 30 million people working at home.

A. flexible B. available C. encouraging D. competitive

44. For miles around there was nothing but a desert, without a single tree,

A. in shape

B. on earth

C. at a distance

D. in sight

45. Wearing masks in public places is thought to be one of the most ways to protect you from getting infected.

A. effective B. efficient C. sufficient D. infectious

46. It is reported that China has plenty of medical supplies to many countries to fight against the pandemic.

A. devoted B. donated C. spend D. cost

47. The prices of fruits may greatly from time to time, from store to store.

A. vary B. transform C. distinguish D. alter

48. Many of us hope for a chance to contribute something, to the world.

A. admirable B. typical C. worthwhile D. variable

49. I would like to live in the countryside because the_ _oflife there is slow.

A. pace B. speed C. rate D. circle

50. They found that Mary and Tom had a lot.

A. in part

B. in order

C. in use

D. in common

51. Both of them followed the family. _and became doctors.

A. habit B. tradition C. custom D. setting

52. The report has been,

as it is inaccurate and incomplete.

A. praised B. handled C.cnticized D. described

53. She was invited to a speech onChiras higher education system abroad last year:

A. advise B. deliver C. claim D. declare

54. Cycling is highly . to health and the environment.

A. beneficial B. controversial C. adequate D. artificial

55. She suffered a serious hearing in her eighties.

A. lost B. loose C. lose D.loss

56. The latest statistics show that Chinese economy is beginning to show obvious of recovery.

A. images B. design C. signs D. experiences

57. We all, , remember the good times and forget the bad.

A. to some extent

B. on some degree

C. in the end

D. to the end

58. It was very of you to let us know you were going to be late.

A. considerable B. considerate C. considering D. consider

59. warming has gained more and more attention from all overthe world.

A. Globalization B. Globalized C. Globe D. Global

60. At least 25 crew members on the cruise ship have tested for the virus, with 10 cases announced on Sunday and 15 more on Monday.

A. positive B. passive C. aggressive D. active

Part I11 Cloze(共20小题,,每小题 1分,共20分)

Directions: There are 20 blanks in the following passage. For each blank there are 4 choices marked A, B, C and D. You should choose the ONE that best completes the passage. Then mark your answer by blackening the corresponding ltter on the Answer Sheet.

Many dog owners who talk to their dogs are conyiced/that their words are being understood. It 61_ they may be right. A stady at EmoryUniversity has found that dogs have a_ 62 understanding of words, are4ble to distinguish words they have heard 63 from those they haven't,and are 64 to try to understand what is being said to them.

Twelve dogs were 65 by their owners to take back two objects 66_ the objects' names-one soft toy and one rubber toy. The dogs were then 67 into an fMRI scanner and had their brain 68 monitored while their owners said the names of each toy as they held 69 up. As a control, the owner then spoke gibberish words,_ 70 ‘bobbu' and 'bodmick' , then held up novel objects like a hat or a doll.

They found 71_ there was more activation in the auditory (听觉的) regions of the dogs' brains when they reacted_ 72__ the novel words, suggesting that they sensed that 73_ owners wanted them to understand 74 _they were saying, and were__ 75 to do so. “We expected to see that dogs neurally discriminate__ 76 words that they know and words that they_ 77 ,” said researcher Ashley Prichard, a PhD candidate in Emory University' s department of psychology.“What s surprising is that the result is 78_ to that of research on humans -- people 79 _show greater neural activation for known words 80 novel words.

61. A. turns onB. turmns upC. turns offD. turns out

62. A. basicB. badC. cleanD. major

63. A. behindB. besideC. beforeD. after

64. A. keenB. eagerC. interestedD. excited

65. A. trainedB. trainingC. treatingD. treated

66. A. tried onB. experimented onC. depended on D. based on

67. A. placedB. placeC. placingD. to place :

68. A cooperation B. contactC. activityD. assignment

69.A.itB. themC. thoseD. the :

70.A.so.B. asC. suchD. such as

71. A. thatB. whichC. whatD.where

72. A. byB. withC.toD. on

73. A. hisB. theirCyourD. her

74. A. thatB. thisC. whatD.which

75. A. tryingB. tryC. triedD. being tried

76. A. inB. for C. triedD. being tried

77. A. canB. forC. doD. don't

78. A. oppositeB. similarC. familiarD. different

79. A. simplyB. painfullyC. typicallyD. suddenly

80. A. thanB. toC. for D.against

Part IV Translation(共35分)


Directions: Translate the following sentences into Chinese. You may refer to the corresponding passages in PartI.

81. Partly as a result of their research, the country in 2014 developed its first tsunami preparedness plan.

82. She believes ancient dues buried underwater can save lives, particularly in places without written records.

83. Ultimately, it's the only way to sccessfully maintain an exercise habit in your life.

84. To find out what really happened, Parsonnet and her team combined three data sets.

85. They found that 54 per cent of the trees changed sex during that time, and one fourth of those did so at least twice.

Section B(共5小题,每小题3分,共15分)

Directions: Translate the following sentences into English.






PartV Writing(15分)

Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write an essay with the title My View on Travelling with Parents. You are required to write at least 120 words, following the outline given below:




My View on Traelling with Parents







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